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  • Researchers

Future-shaping research

We work with researchers across the world to create products and services that inspire, support and spark curiosity - giving your research the platform you need to shape the future. 

Trusted research and learning materials to support you throughout your career.  

Including access to both our Cambridge Core platform, which is the home of Cambridge academic content, and Open Engage – our early content platform which allows researchers to freely upload, share and advance their early research.

Cambridge Core  

Built with our users in mind Cambridge Core is the route to: 

  • Over 400 peer-reviewed journals  
  • Over 49,000 ebooks and 1.9 million articles  
  • Cambridge Elements, which combines the best features of books and journals to create a quick, concise publishing solution  


Open Engage  

Provides branded hubs for a wide range of partners, including learned societies, funders, and research institutions such as the American Political Science Association and ChemRxiv. These hubs provide: 

  • A space where the research community can share early research, collaborate, and drive impact. 
  • A virtual event space allowing partners to bring together the scholarly outputs from their academic conference or event.