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Your need for increased access, reach and influence inspires us to work with you, embracing new solutions to unlock the potential of research through greater collaboration, transparency and accessibility.

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As a university press that is driven by purpose, not by profit, you can rely on us to be a strong voice for the academic community and for the benefit of open; to be honest advisors and partners as open research continues to evolve.

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  • Quantitative Plant Biology: Making plant science research open to all
  • 18 October 2023, Dr Olivier Hamant and Alison Paskins
  • Quantitative Plant Biology (QPB) is a community-based journal, co-published by Cambridge University Press and The John Innes Centre, with a prestigious and QPB was established with the belief that plant science research is a key endeavour in a changing environment. For this, not only does the journal build on cutting-edge quantitative approaches, it also opens the field to citizen science and art & science with dedicated article formats and collections. At QPB, we believe that research is first and foremost a question of creativity. This also means that plant science should be available to everyone, everywhere, and that the processes behind the research should be fully transparent....